Caroline’s interest in gua sha massage started when she was scrolling on TikTok. Since then she has studied Chinese healing methods, taken gua sha courses and improved her techniques which have taken the world by storm. Caroline and the team behind Naturligolie have worked passionately to create a series of custom made beauty tools and now we finally present the Basic of the Basic collection.

“I wanted to design my own gua sha and face roller because these are the tools I use again and again – with results! Organic Face Oil Glow has been a part of my routine since I tried it for the first time. It is without a doubt the best face oil I have ever put on my skin. Me trying the oil planted the seed for our collaboration that grew naturally and I am so excited to finally share it.” – Caroline Hannibal


The Basic of the Basics collection consists of a gua sha and a face roller that comes in two distinct crystals; Blue sodalite and Tiger’s Eye. “When designing the tools, it was important for me that they were kept really simple and slim so they do not slip out of your hands when massaging. It has taken time to find the right design that was both aesthetic and functional but I am really happy about the result. It is the basics – all you really need.” – Caroline Hannibal.

Caroline Hannibal

Caroline Hannibal is former CMO at Basic Apparel and has worked as TikTok influencer and consultant since January 2021. Her TikTok profile has grown from 136 followers to 1,4 million in just one year and she has videos with more than 30 million views. Caroline is a dedicated ‘beauty nerd’ and her alluring video content with everything from acne facts to complete gua sha guides attracts followers from all around the world.